God is not looking for brilliant men

The Isaiah 53:5 Project


“God is not looking for brilliant men, is not depending upon eloquent men, is not shut up to the use of talented men in sending His Gospel out in the world. God is looking for the broken men who have judged themselves in the light of the Cross of Christ.

When He wants anything done, He takes up men who have come to the end of themselves, whose confidence is not in themselves, but in God.”

– Harry A. Ironside –

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One More Time! Basic Calligraphy Workshop Batch 2


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You asked for it, I’m giving it to you! :)

I’ll be holding another basic pointed pen calligraphy workshop so for those who weren’t able to attend the first one due to conflict in schedules and the like, here’s your chance!

August 1, 2015 (SATURDAY) 9AM TO 12 NN

*Again, 15 slots are allotted for this workshop.


  • Kindly fill out the form below to reserve a slot.
  • Once you’ve reserved a slot, you are given five (5) working days to make the payment. Remember, your slot is not yet final until paid. Bank details for deposit will be sent via email upon reservation.
  • Refunds are allowed but transferring of slots is better.
    • If you suddenly won’t be able to make it, inform me 5…

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Life Inside Out

The Isaiah 53:5 Project

Guest post by C. Thrash

Look in the Mirror. What do you see?

Because of social media you probably described what you look like and not who you really are on the inside…

I struggle with this EVERY day! Just this morning I was texting my friend complaining about my appearance,”Man I need to lose weight, I need to do better with what I eat, I wish I had a faster metabolism” etc etc etc…. How sad that this is how so many of us see ourselves..

This train of thought is so toxic! But how do we break what we have been fed our entire lives! How do we guarantee that our children will not grow up looking in the mirror and be blinded by societies view of them instead of who they really are!?

“Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord…

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Dream as if you’ll live forever, Live as if you’ll die today

Ramblings of a College Introvert

We’re responsive creatures, always yearning for some kind of carnal or spiritual fulfillment. So many of our conversations are dedicated to that one question: What makes us feel alive? For me it’s neither people nor adventures. It’s the shapes and colors that make up a city I love.

When I took a semester off in Cali, all I could think about was how much I missed NYC and how exciting it would be to blog about college life there. But four months after I returned to NYU I’ve only written four posts on my adventures here in the Big Apple. Ostensibly it’s because I just haven’t had the time. In reality it’s because I’ve kind of lost confidence in my writing. I don’t think I’ll ever be as good a writer as I would like to be, and I certainly don’t think I’m good enough to capture the sense of wonder I feel every time…

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Unbelievable Experience of Healing. The Lord’s Amazing Job!

Good morning, folks! I had just been healed from migraine! I was watching C3 Church’s Presence 2015 Session 10 by Daniel Kolenda last night until I fell asleep. When I woke up, I had migraine that used to happen oftentimes. I’ve always depended on my medicine and medicated oil that take away the pain most of the time. Never a year, month, or week goes by without having it for less than 2 decades now. Going back, when I woke up, I turned on my Mac and played where I remember I stopped watching last night. I’m playing the video again right now…

They prayed for the sick, there would be a gift of healing released not just in the conference but also in the internet where I’d been on. Daniel Kolenda taught us to heal the sick. He said that we have this idea that healing was something reserved for super Christians -that’s what I’d always felt after praying for years to God to heal me and after being dependent on my medicine which I eventually called my “miracle drug” and on my medicated oil from Vietnam. Anyone close to me will agree on that. I’ve always been obedient to pray for this migraine but I didn’t get healed. I used to think that it was my fault why it stayed because when I prayed, at the back of my mind, there was always a doubt (that I always rejected). To continue, Daniel Kolenda asked who needed to be healed that night, who has a sickness in their body… to raise their right hand.

So I was ready to do exactly the way Daniel Kolenda would tell us to do, to follow his instructions, to put the right hand on my head, to not beg God to heal me… and to utter:

“Get out right now in the name of Jesus! Be healed in Jesus’ name! Now name that thing (migraine) to go! Sickness, go in the name of Jesus! Depression, go in the name of Jesus! Cancer, get out in the name of Jesus! Arthritis, go! Blindness, go! Be healed in Jesus’ name!”

He said that it’s not about our prayer but it’s about Jesus who heals, Jesus who wants to heal, and Jesus who wants us to be healed. I believe that Jesus wants me to be healed! Steadily, I felt a cooling sensation on the left side of my head where the pain remained, then migraine gone in less than 5 minutes and just received the healing! I cried. I was in denial. I was not expecting this because I did this with tears countless times before. The Lord knows that. But I never stopped hoping and believing in His healing power in Jesus’ name!

Jesus, thank you for this unbelievable experience! It may be nothing to others but this healing will make me trust you more and make my faith stronger. You did an amazing job, Lord! Glory to you! I love you!

The Unexpected Benefits of Generosity

So true!

Trevor Nashleanas

Money is a hot topic in our culture. Everyone wants more of it, anyone can get it, few seem to keep it and even fewer gladly give it. There are spenders, investors and savers, but there aren’t nearly as many givers.

The Money Trap

In America money is king. We look to it for security, happiness and freedom. We hoard it to make ourselves feel safe from potential disasters like illness, unemployment and unexpected expenses.  We spend it on frivolous pursuits like excessive shopping, expensive dinners and extravagant vacations to temporarily gratify our appetite for pleasure. Worst of all, we pursue it tirelessly working ourselves to the bone 60+ hours per week at sometimes two or even three jobs because we believe the lie that if we could some how get more of it we would be free to retire, work less and play more.

The sad reality is that money always promises…

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The Isaiah 53:5 Project


Abiding in Dwelling In

Jesus said that if you are really His disciple and don’t just say you are, then you should be abiding in His Word. The Greek word for “abide” is “menō,” and it means “to remain in, to tarry, not to depart from.” If you are abiding in, dwelling in, living in, and not departing from His Word, then you can know you are His disciples.

If you rarely read His Word, rarely study His Word, and infrequently listen to His Word, then you might want to reconsider whether you really are (truly) His disciple. Jesus equated abiding in His Word with being His disciple. There’s not much wiggle room in that sentence (John 8:31).

From Rhetorical Jesus

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“Lord, with all my heart, I worship You.”

So overwhelmed by the list of work things to do… That’s why I missed to write on my blog last month. I’ve been sleepless since Monday. Hard! But the Lord’s presence never left me. I was never alone. Having a consistent time for prayer, bible reading, devotion and worship are the things that keep me going. Really.

One of my favorite worship tracks I play on Spotify is I Give You My Heart by Hillsong United. “This is my desire to honor You. Lord with all my heart I worship You. All I have within me, I give You praise…”