I’m from the Republic of the Philippines, where the best beaches and islands are. I worked in Singapore, Vietnam, and India on different projects and traveled Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Macau… All where I gained friends turned into family. :)

Also, I’m proud to be a blood donor -Type B!


8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Mae, thanks for tweeting my posts sa The Fit Pinoy :). You have a cool blog and I already know you must be really nice from the stuff you blog about haha.

    Also if you’re looking for volunteer opportunities you might want to check out Hands on Manila, http://www.handsonmanila.org.ph/main/. I think they still conduct regular seminars for people who are interested in volunteering pag thursdays, not sure lang kung every week sya. Sa powerbooks sa may glorieta sya usually unless they changed it na. There’ll probably be more details at their site or FB page.

    I also belong to Initiatives for Social Action (ISA), https://www.facebook.com/initiativesforsocialaction. Mas madalang yung activities namin though because most of us sa core group are either in post grad or are in some other development work so major activities namin happen during sembreak (october-november), christmas, and summer lang. Our current focus is in helping Aeta communities in tarlac so malamang yung project namin this october or november (if it pushes through) will be conducted there again, pati yung pamaskung handog na regularly (or magiging) naming ginagawa pag christmas. If you’re interested in joining one of our activities once they get finalized like mo lang yung page namin so you can stay updated once we post the details :).

    Thanks again for the tweet and Godbless :).

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