Good morning, folks! I had just been healed from migraine! I was watching C3 Church’s Presence 2015 Session 10 by Daniel Kolenda last night until I fell asleep. When I woke up, I had migraine that used to happen oftentimes. I’ve always depended on my medicine and medicated oil that take away the pain most of the time. Never a year, month, or week goes by without having it for less than 2 decades now. Going back, when I woke up, I turned on my Mac and played where I remember I stopped watching last night. I’m playing the video again right now…

They prayed for the sick, there would be a gift of healing released not just in the conference but also in the internet where I’d been on. Daniel Kolenda taught us to heal the sick. He said that we have this idea that healing was something reserved for super Christians -that’s what I’d always felt after praying for years to God to heal me and after being dependent on my medicine which I eventually called my “miracle drug” and on my medicated oil from Vietnam. Anyone close to me will agree on that. I’ve always been obedient to pray for this migraine but I didn’t get healed. I used to think that it was my fault why it stayed because when I prayed, at the back of my mind, there was always a doubt (that I always rejected). To continue, Daniel Kolenda asked who needed to be healed that night, who has a sickness in their body… to raise their right hand.

So I was ready to do exactly the way Daniel Kolenda would tell us to do, to follow his instructions, to put the right hand on my head, to not beg God to heal me… and to utter:

“Get out right now in the name of Jesus! Be healed in Jesus’ name! Now name that thing (migraine) to go! Sickness, go in the name of Jesus! Depression, go in the name of Jesus! Cancer, get out in the name of Jesus! Arthritis, go! Blindness, go! Be healed in Jesus’ name!”

He said that it’s not about our prayer but it’s about Jesus who heals, Jesus who wants to heal, and Jesus who wants us to be healed. I believe that Jesus wants me to be healed! Steadily, I felt a cooling sensation on the left side of my head where the pain remained, then migraine gone in less than 5 minutes and just received the healing! I cried. I was in denial. I was not expecting this because I did this with tears countless times before. The Lord knows that. But I never stopped hoping and believing in His healing power in Jesus’ name!

Jesus, thank you for this unbelievable experience! It may be nothing to others but this healing will make me trust you more and make my faith stronger. You did an amazing job, Lord! Glory to you! I love you!


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