It’s been almost one month since the last post on my blog. These past few weeks I have been always caught up in the busyness of the world.

I took a break from Facebook for hours yesterday and felt so refreshed. I wanted to just have a very relaxed weekend and spend time with friends who are depressed, who need to be reminded of God’s love, who need prayers, who are rattled, who are sick, and who miss my Winnie-the-Pooh hug. :)

Reading back the notes on my phone that I got from my daily bible reading and quiet time makes me feel good in sharing how God has proven Himself time and time again that He cares for you even if you feel like giving up. So today, I’m reading back and just relaxing in His embrace.

Some notes shared with friends:

Do not be afraid. Ask God without a doubt. God is faithful. God is at work. Our future, in God’s hands, is blessed.

If you notice, I do have simple notes but it is something worth keeping in my heart. I’m nothing but a small spot in the universe but when my friends message me that I was able to comfort them, that I’m someone who doesn’t get depressed, and that they thank God for such an assurance of His love through me, it makes me happy because they feel significant, loved, and so special.

It’s a joy to be a part of their lives somehow. This is a real encouragement for me to continually share God’s precious promises with others without fear.

♥  ♥  ♥

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