Mel and I were keen on dropping by the Youth in National Transformation Conference yesterday at Great Commission Church Imus. Our Ps. Justin Richards was one of the speakers. The conference ran until 1pm.

In the afternoon -Tin, Marlon, Carla, and I were able to come to Pasig City for a feeding program for children (not to mention the longest traffic jam I’ve ever experienced in EDSA).

We prayed before their Christmas carolling and gave them a treat afterwards.

I’d like to apologize in advance yet again for my poor photo-taking. HAHA!


 Little children with their supportive moms singing Christmas carols with their “Ate Tin.”


 Kids sang a medley of their Christmas songs. It was long! Lol.


 My former colleague Carla cosplayed as a kitten. :)


Marlon’s group of kids before we left.

If you’d like to give, join, donate or make a difference in the lives of these adorable children, please visit C3 Metro Manila.  As long as you have the heart to serve, I’m pretty sure the Lord can use you mightily!


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