Going through tough times… Been praying to God to help, save, and protect me. Communicating with Him every second. Keep telling myself to go on for God’s sake. For God, for God, for God…

Spent my weekend in relative’s home. A visit. A sleep over. Have had an out-of-the-box realizations from life’s stories. From it, I’ve learned and I will never let it go. The things they do, I did. Then my sleep over is over.

Went back home with God’s message for me: Obey and Wait… “If you love Me, you will obey Me… and if you do, you must be willing to wait for Me.”

In my heart, I will. But I prayed to God with tears on my face… to help me to obey Him and to wait patiently for Him. I’m only human and I can’t do it alone. I need His help and I know He will.

I got the messages “Obey” from this afternoon’s service:

Live in the Triangle of God’s Blessings

and the “Wait” from the song, For Who You Are by Hillsong:


Please watch it. It will surely bless you like what it did to me. Blessed week ahead. I love you, guys!!! Time for me to sleep. :)


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