My group leader asked me yesterday if I could help her in the Kids’ Church before our service this morning. I said “yes” because:

#1: She needs help and I want to help her because I can.

#2: I’ll do it for the Lord.

… but last night, I felt a bit of hesitation because it means that I will need to wake up earlier than before. Sleep is very precious to me! I felt weak and thought of alibis… but it’s wrong so I did what was right.

I went there, met my leader, and did the task I was asked to do. It was my first time getting involved in the Kids’ Church so  I asked when I didn’t know what to do. I was with the kids from the praise and worship, tithes and offering, sermon until the end. It was a humbling experience for me to see the kids’ kind actions towards people. It hit my heart and made me hope we have the same heart. Innocent and pure. It has really inspired me to be a better Christian and a good role model to people.

The service also gave an encouragement to my heart in my Christian life. To summarize it, I was reminded again to do everything for God and not for my own self. My life belongs to Him so I just need to trust Him and His promises.

I surrendered all again to Jesus. I chose to trust and obey Him in my life. I’m sure I did the right thing!!!


2 thoughts on “All for God

  1. Mae, I used to lead the K-6 Sunday school at my church. I was always so blessed when young women who had not any children of their own would volunteer. They always told me how much they were the ones that were blessed by observing childlike faith in action. May the Lord continue to use you for His glory! ~ Blessings ~

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