It’s our last day of prayer and fasting today in our church. I still have yet to answer the booklet that comes with it.

“This year, I am believing God for…”

1.       Personal Faith Goals – ?

2.       My Family – ?

3.       My School/Career? – ?

4.       My Ministry – ?

Before the New Year started, I created a memo for myself for 2014. I bought an eBook on Amazon. I believe it’s a good book to read for this year but during this week, I realized that I need to read the Word of the Lord more than last year and more than any other books. I thought of it and totally agreed with it so I will obey. I can still read the eBook at a later date.

This prayer and fasting week has helped me to go deeper with the Lord. I was reminded of His promises in my life. Now, I’m not procrastinating anymore. My faith was strengthened. My patience was lengthened. Joy was doubled. Hope was reactivated that covers hardships in life. It has brought excitement.

Highlight from my notes:

“Believe in your heart, by faith, that this is your year of miracles and answered prayers.”

Practice proclaiming this aloud in a private place regularly: “I declare and claim by faith God’s blessings and favour in my life and upon my family.”

Confessing this aloud boosts my faith so, so much!!! I thank the Lord for His Word that comforts me perfectly even in times of darkness. I love you, Lord! :)


2 thoughts on “Fight the Good Fight of Faith…

  1. I’ll stand with you in believing that this is a year for miracles and answered prayers, Mae. Our church is doing a fast right now, too. Fasting has always been an area of weakness for me, but the times when I do sacrifice, God always shows up and shows out. Blessings, friend.

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