I saw the WestJet Christmas Miracle: Real Time Giving video posted on Facebook but I never clicked the play button until one of the blogs I follow posted it so I did watch it. What a generous act it was!

While watching the video, I was thinking what I would do if I was one of their passengers being asked of my wish. Only one thing came to my mind… That is any way to help my fellow countrymen affected by super typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan here in the Philippines. It’s been more than a month now since that sad moment happened. I’m still thinking about them and I will not stop praying for them. It will take years for them to be able to recover completely. They deserve happy holidays like we do. They deserve our attention and help. They need us. They have no choice but to stand up and survive. I believe that our prayers can move mountains, can make a difference, and can be the best way to bless them. Let’s not stop helping them. Let’s choose to be a blessing to them.

I love them. I love my fellow Filipinos.


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