Amen!!! :)

Heavenly Raindrops

I have much yet to learn.
I lose heart too quickly.
I allow assumptions to wreck my emotions too rapidly. 
I let disappointment sink my hope too easily.

I keep my disappointment cup too full.  Then, it only takes one extra drop to cause the hurt to spill out all over again.

I purpose in my heart to believe in God’s promises and His power to fulfill them.
To remember all He has done and has yet to do.
To run to Him when disappointment pounds at my heart’s door.
To cling to the Lord and let love teach me to believe.

To let God replace the hurt inside my disappointment cup with love.

Avoiding Disappointment With Love That Never Fails

Endure gracefully
Assume rarely
Hope unwaveringly
Conclude cautiously
Embrace willingly
Engage softly
Forgive quickly
Trust wholeheartedly
Pray fervently
Love always


Bears all things
Believes all things

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