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Give me 5 minutes a day and I'll give you a happier, more successful life

…that the real life destined for the awakened few is a dazzling dream–a permanent realization that it is a happiness to be alive–a joy and contentment without end—a transition from pleasure to pleasure, and from a little joy to  ever increasing joy.

You’ll find more and more that when you go with the flow of infinite love, the love that flows from God to you, that exhausting work is not required of you. You will find yourself enjoying your work and it will become a delight to you. When you go with the flow of this current of love you will find that everything you need will come to you. (See Psalm 23:1) Success will flow towards you instead of away from you. (See Psalm 1)

When most people wake up in the morning a lot of less-than-happy thoughts fill their minds. Another day of work. But if you wake…

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