Hi, friends. How are you all now? Hope you’re okay. I just wanted to share what I had experienced yesterday.

I was scheduled for a general eye consultation/examination by Dr. Edgar Leuenberger at Asian Eye Institute in Rockwell. They were able to assist me with my preferred appointment. I learned about it because I was Googling for the one that provides best in eye services. They also have a Twitter account. For someone like me who loves Twitter than Facebook, I tried to tweet them and waited if they will reply. I’m glad they did! I asked them if I can use my Maxicare health card. They replied yes! They are accredited by Maxicare. The initial eye examination is pre-approved and covered by Maxicare. So it was really for me to go there. They got some information from me and sent me an email.

When I went there, there was nothing to complain about. I was satisfied with their helpful receptionists, facilities, friendly doctors, and service! As a result, everything is normal and I still have 20/20 vision. I even didn’t pay anything -thanks to my health card. I could say no more. Just go there and experience it yourself! Promise!

I would really recommend Asian Eye Institute if you have eye concerns! I’m totally satisfied with them and even exceeded my expectation! Just sharing my happiness as a “no ordinary client.” :)

Go to their website now by clicking their logo below!



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