Stop and check. There may be people in need of love and understanding at this moment. Spend ENOUGH TIME with them. Don’t be always in a HURRY.

This is one of my tweets today. I understand that most of us are busy all the time, but I don’t understand if a friend or loved one don’t ask you “How are you doing?”… All of us have a never-ending things to do, but we must learn to stop and check the people around us and to be sensitive if there are people who might need our love, understanding, or help at this very moment. Why not decide to spend ENOUGH TIME with them even for once and be a blessing to them? Don’t be always busy and in a hurry in letting people know that you care. They won’t believe you because they won’t feel that you do. It’s not what you do to them, but how you do it for them. It’s your delivery that matters more than anything else.

To everyone I know, I’ll spend enough time with you if you need me. I hope to be a blessing to you. :)


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