Hi, friends.

How are you? Hoping you’re all doing good. I’d love to hear from you! PLEASE tweet me @maefromheaven and email me at maefromheaven@yahoo.com. Feel free to type whatever you want. We can be good online friends. I’m also excited to know about all of you!!!

I failed when I’ve missed my blog schedule this week. I’ve wanted to share my life with you everyday as much as possible but due to my tight schedule this week, I wasn’t able to do it. :( I just needed to help my family processing on something including my dad’s 60th birthday next month, more and longer office meetings, and shorter time to loosen up and have time for myself. :( I’m not complaining. I’m just human who may feel so tired at times like what I’m feeling right now.

BUT I always get happy whenever I get notifications of likes, comments, shares, and reviews from readers like you. It ALWAYS makes me smile. :)

I just want to thank you for visiting my blog, for checking what’s in here; to say that I’ll wait to hear from you; and to let you know that I missed you, FRIENDS!




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