Today became my cleaning day. After breakfast, I decided to clean our backyard, living room, and my parent’s room. Halfway done with my bedroom and next are the other rooms, kitchen, sides of the house, and the garage. No, I’m not into something. I just wanted to clean the house and check the things for disposal. This was the outcome of thinking too much and wanted to release it in a positive way. It ended to be a therapy to me. This is the first time it has ever happened to me. So I googled if there’s any study about “cleaning to be a therapy to someone” and I saw this:

Cleaning ‘is the new therapy’

Women clean the house to feel in control of their lives and find it mentally therapeutic research suggests…

… Cleaning is used as an outlet for stress and worry…”

What happened to me today is exactly like it. It was a positive thing. I’m mentally stressed, cleaned our house today as an outlet, and it was a therapy!!! Now, I have a more calm and peaceful mind. The one thing I’ve learned today is that cleaning is a good therapy —so expect me to clean your house too! LOL. *wink*

Sources: Article, Image


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