Thank God for a happy family. It was my brother’s birthday yesterday and he treated us to lunch with too much food. Well, it was my Mom who chose all the food we ate. Nice huh! Lol. Then after that, I was able to go to church and we had an awesome praise & worship and a very timely sermon. I know that it was a message (FOR ME!!!) from the Lord. I truly thank Him for leading me on at all times…

Got this booklet and would like to show it to you…



Yes. Prayer and fasting today until Friday. I’ve been planning to do it but this time, I will really do it.

“Fasting is the act of willingly abstaining from drink or food.”

I really believe in prayer and fasting because I asked the Lord for an almost impossible answer a few times before (through prayer and fasting) and He made it possible for FOR ME!!! That was only one of the amazing experiences I’ve encountered with the Lord. He really answers our prayers if it’s according to His will.

I know it’s not gonna be easy but I actually tried and tested it. It’s powerful! :)


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