I thank the Lord for all the celebrations in my life. Christmas with visitors in the house, food trips in the office, and reunions with my friends from Singapore. I enjoy spending time with families, friends and people who inspire you to become a better you, and who encourage you to be on the right track.

After a half day work yesterday, Lorein and I went to Mall of Asia. Ryan picked us up there and went to their house in Marina Baytown East. Lorein is one of my super friends of my life and Ryan is one of our brother-like friends in Singapore. I finally met Ryan’s wife, Fame. A very lovely wife to a very nice man with a very beautiful baby, Mig Chi. I pray that their marriage will last forever. It’s a story of love and purity in their hearts. I am sure that God will exalt them as they show humility to everyone. We spent our afternoon until evening sharing stories about our past, present, and future. Stories of rags to riches, love’s proof, visions in life, and wisdom with so much laughter and little tears on the side.



Transparency, humility, gratefulness, respect, and prayer are the keys to a wonderful friendship. Praying for and with each other takes you to a deeper and lasting friendship. A friendship that we know that’s a blessing from above.

More super friends are coming for the holiday season! More blessings to share with them! Stronger relationships to have! I thank God for all of these!

Luke 14:11

For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”


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