Morning before going to work, I listened to the song “Delight” and liked it since then. The lyrics and the melody reminded me that God is with us and that we must delight in Him and in His songs.


Hope you had the time to click the play button in my blog last Wednesday and felt BLESSED!

Listened to another song, “Stay Strong” and liked it just the same. I googled to find the lyrics but it was unsuccessful so I tweeted the singer/songwriter Robin Nievera HIMSELF (Wala namang masama di ba? Haha!)… Hoping he would provide me the lyrics and VAVAVOOM… He REPLIED! LOL!


So I downloaded the album “Nightmares” with leaflets, songs and lyrics inside from –all for free. So happy!!!

Listen to “Stay Strong” and read its lyrics below.


Download all the songs and listen to it on your way to work or on your way home… It will INSPIRE you and you can definitely relate to it. It will NOT fail you.


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