Last Sunday, I bought a Belle De Jour Power Planner 2013. Even if I didn’t have a plan on buying it, I didn’t regret it because I know that it’s a good product. I was happy in what I saw inside. I was not expecting that there are many different types of coupons in the BDJ planner. It also includes time-management principles and menstrual tracker. I became a happier “me” (lol) when I saw life’s inspiring quotes and little reminders. I love to read such things. Good product, good deal! I’ve been using a planner for years but this is the best I’ve ever had.

Check it out and buy your own planner, too!


For those who don’t want to purchase, just standby for the coupons that I’ll be giving. Of all the amazing coupons, honestly, I won’t be able to use it all so I’ll give some of the great discounts and treats to you.

It says that Belle De Jour Power Planner is made for Pinay fashionista achiever. Nyeh!!! I maybe an achiever in my world but not a fashionista. Nyahahaha. Somehow, I’m achieving my short and long-term goals and living a life with basic needs and with hopes to do everything with love like other Pinays out there. :)


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