It’s your birthday, Marge.

It all started with a cell group invitation. Looking back on our Singapore days, we’ve always had funny memories, we’ve always strengthened each other and we’ve always had no pretensions. There were tears, hopelessness and prayer requests but there were breakthroughs and changes for the better, too.

You’re miles away but I hope that you and the girls will be on my **wedding day**! Your presence never made me feel alone.

There is still so much to be said:

  • You are one of my super friends.
  • I’m a big fan of your strength, encouragement and sense of humour.
  • Your life is an inspiration.
  • We love you.

May Canada be your Promised Land! May your life be filled with love and good health. Blessings on your birthday! Happy birthday!

Disclaimer: This will be published on my reincarnated blog so no images will be posted because you’re a very private person. Hee.


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