Help Addie with life-threatening mastocytosis have life-saving treatments

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picture of Addie smiling

3935153a-f049-42bb-9d83-4ee8ce21d807_galleryThumbI look into the eyes of two year-old Addie suffering yet smiling through her pain after over 20 episodes of anaphylaxis. Addie has to stay home because anything in her environment can cause her to have a life-threatening reaction. It is hard for people to believe that one could have so many times of nearing death, but this is the sad and bitter reality of many people with mastocytosis. I know this because I have mastocytosis. You and your caregiver get worn down telling the story, explaining the condition over and over again, the ER visits where you often have to break through walls of ignorance either wilful or simply because they too do not know. I have had nurses and doctors minimize the seriousness of my condition. I have had my oxygen taken off by a nurse because she made an arbitrary decision that I did not need it…

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The Closer We Are to Jesus ~


This is so true!!!

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~ CHRISTian poetry by deborahann ~ no-regrets

The closer we are to Jesus,
the less likely we’ll fall into sin
the nearer we are to Him
the more power, we’ll have within.

The faster we repent,
the closer to Jesus we will be
the sooner we find His grace
the more of God’s mercy, we’ll see.

The more we know Jesus,
the less, we will have to fear
the nearer we grow to God
the farther our regrets, will appear.

The quicker we turn to Jesus,
the sooner we will find God’s peace
the earlier we believe in Him
the sooner our faith, will increase.

The closer we follow Jesus,
the nearer He will be to us . . .
the closer we draw to God
the more in Jesus, we will trust.


James 4:8

“Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you.
Cleanse your hands, ye sinners;
and purify your hearts, ye double minded.”

King James Version

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Make money doing your hobby

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1238939_3333142623494_471814278_nIf I can do it, so can you. Start part time and maybe later do it full time later. Or, you can make money with the hobby you love most while you keep your present job.

Many people who really love their hobby end up making good money doing it. For example, Michael Jordan loved basketball, and he ended up making a career of it. Many people I know enjoy talking to people about Jesus, and get paid to do it. Just think, they get paid to talk to people. They raise money using the same method I used.

George Mueller raised a lot of money for orphanages in England. In fact he raised about $70 million in today’s US dollars and adjusted for inflation. Here is what he did:

  • He talked to many people about the need for money to build buildings and feed orphans
  • He prayed often and…

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City Harvest Church Singapore

As I was checking my birthday gifts this evening, I took the items from City Harvest Church given by my good friend Lorein, looked at them, and reminisced about that mega and great church in Singapore.

For years, I always attended CHC back in 2007 (when I went to Singapore to look for a job) until 2011 (when I came back to the Philippines to be with my family again). This is a life-changing church for me. There is love of Christ in every member and it touched me.

There were morning and night prayer meetings; leaders meeting every Tuesday; and weekly bible study, cell group meeting, and service! I miss the great music, praise & worship, and its people!!!

Thank you Lord for giving me the opportunity to belong to this church.


The Healthy Project


I haven’t achieved the ideal work/home/health/life balance in my life yet but I’m able to cope with the ever-increasing stress-filled demands of everyday life through HIM who gives me strength (Thank you, Lord!) and through my regular massage visits.

Stress is part of life!

I need to improve my self-discipline in eating and exercising, to cleanse, and to live a healthy balanced life starting tomorrow, day after my birthday. :)

What’s your two cents? Any meal plans to share? I’d love to hear from you! :)



A very good reminder to all! Thank you posting this. Blessings!

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Christians fleeing mortar attacks in Iraq. (Pic: BBC)

Christians fleeing mortar attacks in Iraq. (Pic: BBC)

It’s all smiles here in the house,

We can dance and play the mouse,

We can wear the crown, the blouse.

It’s all bleeding in their hearts,

They can’t live or sleep on mats,

The bullets burn, they pierce like darts.

You may be living, wondering how happy you are and how free you are to be grateful to God Almighty for your life. Somehow, someone, somewhere, at some time does not have that luxury.

Go to places like Iraq, and you’ll understand what it feels like to be left but with your clothes on; your car, phone, in short, all property seized, because you say you are a CHRISTIAN.

It becomes even frightening when our brothers over there (Mosul) are given the ultimatum to either leave their hometown, because they are Christians, or face death, if they choose to stay. The…

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