The story of Job (Stop blaming God for everything)

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A while back, I wrote a post entitled God on Trial. As Christians, we’ve been taught such a damaging view of God. That He allows bad things to happen. That He makes people sick in order to teach them something. It’s so nothow God is. Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy. He is the enemy. God love us. He came to give us life more abundant.

People always bring up the story of Job in the Bible. Here is Todd White talking about that. If you truly open your heart to these words, it will rock your entire view of God. Don’t let Satan make you believe doctrines that aren’t true. Trust the Word of God.

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Blessed by A Broken Heart

Today, I saw the woman who is blessed by a broken heart. I spent time with her. I felt sad because we will never be in-laws anymore. Over a month ago, she suffered from pain of a failed engagement.

It’s amazing how God can save her from the bad things before her that she didn’t want to believe that it could harm her one day. It’s now allowing her to appreciate more the goodness of God.

She will surely recover and be a stronger daughter of God. God has a purpose behind her situation. God is the author of her life.

Our new beautiful friendship continues…

Make money doing your hobby


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000000000000000make MoneyIf you are starting a business and you train two people to make money online this month, then they train two next month who each train two, and on and on, you have involved over a million people in 20 months.

I am writing a short free ebook about making money doing your hobby. In the past, I made $2300 per month doing my hobby, which was spreading God’s love in Asia. I did it for ten years, making no money at all the first couple of years because I didn’t know the secret of raising money. This ebook will tell you what you need to know to make money doing your hobby.

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Church Service and Coffee After A Long Day at Work

Last Tuesday, Mel and I were able to attend a service at Victory Makati. It’s amazing how worship can switch one’s dark look to a happy and peaceful one. HAHA! It’s just right to be there every Tuesday from 7PM – 8PM. It makes us feel good after a long day at work.

Visit the website for the service times and locations.

That same evening, we finally had coffee at Commune.

This store is super convenient for me. I just need to cross the street from our office. It’s that easy. Hehe. I also ordered Daing na Bangus with rice and it’s the only one I liked among the rest. It’s FTW (for the win)!!!

Dinner at Early Bird Breakfast Club

Not everyone knows Early Bird Breakfast Club. It serves breakfast meals morning, noon, and night. I was impressed by their beautifully plated food when last Thursday, my girlfriends and I visited the cafe for a dinner.


We tried Viva Longganisa, Yin and Yang Champorado, Lemon Butter Bangus, and Hash Potatoes. I definitely loved it all!


The selection and quality of the food they offer are worth the price! Visit :)

To God Be The Glory ~

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Lord, I want to bring You glory,
I want to do right by You . . .
I want the light of Your salvation
in my life to shine brightly through.

I want to be the salt,
the flavor of Your grace
I want my soul to reflect
the wonder of Your face.

I want to move mountains,
to part the ocean wave
I want to be Your soldier
for You, Your Gospel slave.

I want to taste Your manna,
sip the nectar of Your vine
I want to be Your branch
I want our lives to intertwine.

I want to be Your vessel,
the clay upon Your wheel
I want to see Your image,
to know Your godly will.

Lord, I want to bring You glory,
I want to sing Your praise . . .
I want the world to know
that for You, my heart’s ablaze!


Isaiah 60:1-2

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